Collective Insanity

Dude. Just … dude.

Maybe before pushing out an episode a little research might be indicated before opening your mouth.

Not everything you find is going to be evil, possessed, or associated with violence. A fraternal sword is a decorative pretty-pretty used in ceremonies and not for actually fighting or killing. They dangle off belts or are held when in a funny uniform, and hang on walls when they are not in use.  That ‘witches broom’ is also a common broom used to sweep ashes off hearths. Back in the early part of the 20th century there was a fad for Revolutionary War/Colonial decorating, and brooms and bellows were all over the place. Oh look – a website that sells antique hearth brooms … and nary a pagan in sight.

Look – many of these haunted houses are *old* and people hear about someone dying, or murdered, or committing suicide and get scared of their house. People, the idea of going to a hospital to die is actually pretty modern – people died at home, and were laid out at home. Any house older than about 1940 has pretty much had someone die in it. Just because someone died there does not mean anything. If everybody who died other than in their sleep peacefully came back as a ghost, no place would be unhaunted [especially in Europe!] Old houses [and buildings in general] are going to make sounds. They settle and shift, they creak and moan and groan. Unlevel floors can rock chairs and roll small objects, funky hand made hinges and improperly hung doors will swing. A window with a damaged sash weight system will slam shut. Old leftover post and wire electrical systems may still be hooked up and hidden inside that plaster wall. Black iron pipes clank and rattle. Rodents skitter around inside walls and ceilings.

From ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties and paranormal investigators may the Good Lord protect us.

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