My Mind is Going, Going ….. Gone

Insomnia is a bitch. If she was a Greek God, she would probably be Hera as seen in Hercules. So here I sit, looking at another sleepless night with a bunch of garbage on TV. I have a stack of trashy mockumentaries on DVR. You know, I can actually remember when channels like Discovery, The History Channel, Arts and Entertainment and Bravo actually showed programs that didn’t involve wrestling, staged reality shows, aliens, dubious history or Hitler and his involvement with aliens and Antarctica. I can also remember when I caught the first flush of MTV when it actually played wall to wall music videos.

I really do have to wonder about the people responsible for the programming now. They must really see us as sheeple. They obviously do not bother with any sort of fact checking, have no concern for showing anything that is actually informative. All we get is pop “culture” with almost no relationship to the real world. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are famous exactly *why*? Because they show up at the right parties and hang out with the right people. If I rolled my eyes to the extent I feel warranted I would fall over backwards. Ancient Aliens populated the world, or are spying on our world, or influenced all the ancient peoples of our world … again, why? Are they terminally shy, hiding behind trees and peeping out at us except when they drop down to either mutilate a few cows or anally probe Bubba? And we are apparently suffering an invasion of ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night in every inch of the United States, or so the Syfy Channel would have us believe.

And we are off …. on a cloud not of sleep but of dubious TV content.

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